Claire Arthur BSc (Hons), Lic Ac, MBAcC Licensed acupuncturist Registered and insured member of The British Acupuncture Council




“I came to Claire with an array of symptoms which I have struggled with for almost two years, including facial swelling, itchy skin and rashes, a bloated stomach, muscle pain and a blocked nose, all of which came about after a virus following a stressful period. Doctors had never validated my symptoms as being related through an overall problem, and I have only ever been given standard medications to attempt to treat the symptoms. However, Claire identified exactly what was happening in my body in relation to its constitutional make up, and her subsequent treatments have brought me back on the road to recovery. Most of my symptoms have reduced, the itchiness completely if I also avoid certain foods she informed me of, and I will be continuing with acupuncture in the long-run as I believe it can benefit me immensely. I have also felt much calmer and clearer headed as a result of the unblocking effect of acupuncture. Claire has a warm manner and is very intuitive, and I would highly recommend her care to anyone looking for help with physical or emotional problems.”

Student, Age 18 years


Claire is a brilliant acupuncturist and all round therapist. I really look forward to my appointments with her and always come away feeling deeply relaxed, soothed, strengthened and energised all at once. She has helped me with fertility issues, a difficult pregnancy, weight problems and anxiety. I also got to experience the immediate effect of her treatment one time when I arrived having an asthma attack and without my inhaler…a few needles and the asthma was completely relieved. I would wholeheartedly recommend Claire, especially for her calm, caring, nurturing manner.

Design consultant, Age 36 years


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year. We did all the charting and timing and everything, but no luck. We had begun infertility testing, and we were told that if they couldn’t find any obvious problems, I would be put on fertility drugs to ensure ovulation. I disliked the idea of taking any medications and friends told me that acupuncture could possibly help.

I was keen to try this natural method without medication. Amazing it was only 6 weeks after beginning the acupuncture that I found out that I was pregnant. I definitely believe that the Acupuncture worked as I felt more relaxed and more in control. Now that I am pregnant, I am using acupuncture to manage my morning sickness.

Project manager, Age 31 years


I attended Claire’s clinic in Godalming because I had a number of aches and pains in my lower back which have bothered me for many years.

Her clinic was warm and she had a comfortable couch. I had some treatment with needles and I received some cupping. I felt totally relaxed after the treatment and my back felt much better. I now have treatment on a regular basis because it pays to keep on top of these aches and pains.

Retired IT professional, Age 67 years


I originally sought Claire’s help with physical symptoms and a general sense of discomfort.
Her knowledge of acupuncture is extensive and her care and expertise second to none.  I have had massage, Cupping and Guasha as part of my treatments, and these are expertly administered.  I felt at ease from my first appointment, and my conditions have improved considerably since visiting her.
Claire has the gift of genuine interest and concern, combined with great practical ability and thorough knowledge.

Carer, Age 52 years


I came to Claire because I had recently suffered a miscarriage.  The doctors could not tell me why this had happened to me but I was devastated.  I was desperate to try again but very worried that it might happen again.  My friend suggested I try Acupuncture.  Claire was a great comfort to me as she helped me feel stronger again both mentally and physically. Claire helped me get over my trauma and on to a healthy pregnancy.  I know Acupuncture helped me and I am so pleased my friend recommended Claire to me.

Nurse, Age 37 years


I was recently run down and with a cold for which Claire treated me. Claire’s clinic is warm and nice and I was completely relaxed. Her needling is very gentle and caring. My cold symptoms improved dramatically by the next day.

Housewife, Age 45 years


I can’t recommend Claire highly enough. She was a voice of calm, on the phone, when I had an extreme allergic skin reaction and advised me what to do until we could meet. The treatment she gave me immediately brought the problem under control. I have since visited her many times and each time I come away with a feeling of deep peace and nourishment. She is always that voice of calm I first encountered. I know she will listen carefully, get to the central issue and deal with it ignoring all my extraneous chatter!

Teacher, Age 47 years