Claire was a great comfort to me as she helped me feel stronger again both mentally and physically. Claire helped me get over my trauma and on to a healthy pregnancy.

The Clinic

The Acupuncture clinic in Godalming offers a quiet peaceful space where you can relax in warm comfortable surroundings.


Clinic times

  • Tuesday morning and early afternoon
  • Thursday morning and afternoon
  • Thursday evening
  • Saturday morning


Follow up sessions (45 mins – 1 hour)
Follow up treatments will assess progress and any changes that may have occurred. Claire will again look at your tongue and take you pulses.
Initial session (1 – 1½ hours)
On your first visit it is important for a full case history to be taken, including the details of any presenting complaints and any pertinent details from your medical history. Claire will ask to look at your tongue and she will also take you pulses. Based on this Claire will make a diagnosis and make a personal treatment plan.
Initial assessment    (15 mins) Free of charge

Acupuncture therapy

On every visit your pulses are taken on each wrist, your tongue is viewed and this combined with other signs and symptoms will allow Claire to make a personal treatment plan. Claire will then discus the treatment options, most commonly this will include Acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture therapy involves the use of fine single use sterile needles used in specific locations. The needles are much finer than the large needles used in conventional medicine. The needles are sometimes left in for up to 20 minutes during which time you may feel deeply relaxed. Most commonly 8-12 needles are used per treatment.



Cupping is the placing of vacuum cups on the body, commonly on the back. This varies from a very gentle suction to a slightly stronger suction. This can draw out tension from the body leaving you relaxed and comfortable. The history of Cupping is extensive.



Moxa is a herb that is burnt close to the skin to stimulate the body’s energy. It will not burn the skin but will feel deeply warming.



Guasha is a gentle scrap of the skin to invigorate the body’s energy. It can give a sense of release as well as relaxation.


Tui na massage

Based on the healing therapy of Tui na.  Claire Arthur offers this very pleasant type of healing massage to help with muscle tension and other ailments.



Acupressure involves the use of a finger or device to stimulate an acupuncture point without the use of needles. Try finding an acupressure point for you pain at point finder website.


How long does it take?

On the first visit a full medical history will be taken and this may take over 30 minutes, followed by a treatment of 30 minutes. On subsequent visits please allow up to 50 minutes.


What will happen on my visit?

On every visit the pulses are checked and the tongue. This combined with other signs and symptoms will allow a diagnosis to be made. Please wear loose clothing and be prepared to take off your shoes and socks.


Can I bring someone?

You are very welcome to bring family or a friend with you for your treatment session.